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Keep Your Carpets Looking Great Even With Pets!

All of us love our pets, but we don’t love pet stains on our carpet. It’s unsightly, unsanitary, and embarrassing to have guests over. Whether you live in League City or the surrounding area, you don’t have to live with pet stains and odors when you can simply contact League City Carpet Cleaners.

Pets are attracted to the smell of ammonia in their urine. The smell tells them to urinate in the same spot, so it’s important to remove the odor as soon as possible. Otherwise, the pet will continue to urinate in the same location. In time, the ammonia and nitrogen in urine will destroy the carpet fiber, the backing, and even the flooring beneath it.

Our Pet Stain Removal Process Ensures That Your Carpets Are Clean And Odor Free:

Following the application of an organic solvent, your carpets are cleaned and rinsed using hot water under pressure. We deodorize and sanitize the carpets so either you or your family cannot be exposed to contaminants. We then use powerful vacuums to remove all the water from your carpet so it dries quickly, minimizing any disruption to your life. We can even apply a chemical coating to prevent future stains.

At the end of our carpet stain removal process, your carpets will smell fresh so you can go back to enjoying your pets and the carpet in your home. Our pet odor removal service outperforms any commercially available product.

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Our solution neutralizes and eliminates the smell, not just masks it. We ensure that all signs of bacteria are removed too. In addition, we guarantee that you won’t suffer any damage to your carpet due to our solution. If you don’t want to get rid of your pets, this is the best alternative for you. It can be embarrassing to have someone over and see pet stains or pet smell.

Taking care of it early will prevent big problems for you later on. It can be a challenge to deal with our pets. It may even be necessary to replace the padding on the back of the carpet in the most severe cases. It will also be a healthier environment if you can keep your home clean with them.

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